Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Poor Addy! Every morning she asks if she can go to school! She is missing it something fierce! On Monday her ped cleared her to go back to feeding and music therapy but says no school until at least April! She wants us to keep her away from big crowds if we can to protect her from getting another respiratory infection/virus etc.  She has also been conferring with GI in St. Louis and things aren't really going anywhere!!! She and our pulmonologist are really thinking that we need to look more into this possible malabsorption issue but so far GI is thinking that's not the problem. Soooo frustrating!!! Addy is scheduled with an Immunologist on March 22nd and is seeing a nutritionist on March 8th. She is also going to have complete allergy testing. Our ped is still working with St. Louis on what we can do to rule in/out malabsorption.

So right now she is home and bored :( I try to set out several activities for her to do during the day with her nurse but it's not really happening. By the time we get home and settled for the evening she's pretty tired. It's looking that we will possibly have a snow day tomorrow so I may just have to  push her some so she doesn't lose all of her skills!! She's reading really well and doesn't appear to be regressing academically but she definitely is physically :( she's being very ummm lazy!!!

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