Friday, February 1, 2013

One is HOME :)

Little Man got his walking papers this morning :) He stayed off of O2 all day yesterday and through the night :) Sooo happy that he is home all bathed and de-tendergriped (lol) and bracelet is off! I told them it was too tight!

Poor baby :( He is pretty cranky now that we're home, he was good as gold all day, go figure! He's happily swinging right now and will be off to bed soon. I have his bedding in the wash right now since it's been up at the hospital. He sleeps in a Rock And Play,  he can't stand his crib so it went with us so he could sleep :) I've already bleached wiped the base and lysoled the liner, didn't want to share whatever gunk was on it from being inpatient!

Addy is still in the hospital. She has to go through the night without her oxygen mask to be discharged. Not sure why since we are more than capable to put it on her here at home. Not like we haven't done it a million times before!!! Sometimes I wish we just had a tank here at all times just in case! So we are praying and praying that she holds her own tonight and can come home tomorrow. She will be a much happier girl without the IV antibiotics and has her arm back. Her pseudomomas medicine must burn because she cries every time it's hooked up :( If she stays I will go up on Sunday and Scott will stay tomorrow. He needs to work on Sunday at this point. We need to figure out what to do with Little Man then, I don't want to take him back up there and expose him to everything all over again. RSV is running rampant around here!

The hospital doc was going to talk to our ped about referring Addy to an Immunologist to see why she keeps getting so sick. Really hoping and praying it gives us some answers for our amazing little girl!


Heather said...

Yeah fir Little Man and so hoping Addy follows soon.

Love to you and boy, you all need a vacation after this. To a warm place. Um, wonder where you could go? ;)

Cindy said...

So glad he's home. Now we'll be praying for Addy.

Rochelle said...

Praying for Addy to come home asap! Glad your boy made it home!