Sunday, February 3, 2013

All of the Heflins are HOME!

I know several local people around here are not fond of the only pediatric pulmonologist. However, I must say that I have NEVER had a bad experience with him. He was fantastic with Addy from day 1. Last Monday while at our ped she asked again when we had our appointment to see him. February 18th for both Addy and Little Man. Addy due to having the multi-focal pneumonia in October and it never really clearing up and Little Man having repeat pneumonia and wheezing issues. Well, our pulmo was out of the country until Saturday so our ped said there probably wasn't a lot going to happen while inpatient, just treat until he could be contacted.

Well guess who showed up before 9am this morning? Yes our pulmo who had been contacted about my kids while he was out of the country. He came in the day after a vacation, on a Sunday no less. He talked with Scott about what's going on with Addy. I have to say that I was impressed.

Addy's right lung appears to have a blockage and is herniated across the midline. It is blocking air intake on that right side. He feels since Addy really doesn't eat that it is most likely a mucous plug. This usually occurs from the other lung being collapsed but doesn't feel that was the case with her. It can occur when it hyperinflates due to a blockage. We've been told more than once that she has had hyperinflated lungs.

So... the plan of attack is CPT twice per day for 10-15 minutes to see if we can break it up. We will go and see him on the 11th instead of the 18th. If it hasn't broken up he will have to get in there and break up the plug. Not really sure what that will entail yet, I'll know more on the 11th. Since she's had CPT every four hours around the clock for a week I have a feeling that it's not going to break. A vest was discussed but didn't happen.

So we are now HOME with our handy dandy O2 concentrator and big extra tank in case the power goes out lol.

Addy will be home with a nurse until further notice at this point. We will see our ped this Friday with both kiddos to have them checked to see how they are doing. We will probably still pursue seeing an Immunologist since Addy has had multiple infections lately.

I want to thank so many of my friends that have checked on us, prayed for my kids and brought us meals. It is all very appreciated! It was a very long week and we are all very happy to be back home together. Now if we can just get the kids back to their schedule. Little Man has been a fussy mess since getting home. Poor little guy.

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