Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankful Thanksgiving

We had a great time at our Thanksgiving gathering once again this year :) We all went to my sister-in-laws parents house. They are always so gracious to let all of us invade on them :) I'm pretty sure they are the coolest grandparents ever! We had an amazing meal with all of the goodies of course and the weather was unseasonably warm so the kids played outside all afternoon! Jake was in heaven of course!

Addy spend time with her favorite person, her cousin John :) Poor boy, she would not leave his side!

Fortunately, Mama took over and entertained her with some singing at the piano :)

She also had a fantastic time tackling and rough housing on the bed with her cousins :) They thought it was pretty funny that she was being the aggressive one!
Little Man had a great time being entertained by everyone as well, unfortunately I can't show you that but I think it's safe to show this:
I brought the little kids home and Scott and Jarika headed out to do some shopping. Scott has been the master so far this season! I'm pretty impressed with his mad shopping/deal skills! I've done some shopping online, I MUCH prefer it! I despise shopping most of the time! He went out some through the night to get some staggered deals while I stayed snug as a bug in bed :)

Yesterday we braved the 41 degree weather to have some family pictures made. I can't wait to see them but unfortunately won't be able to share them since Little Man is part of our family right now :) Jarika and I went to see Twilight last night and hope to get some of our Christmas decorations up this morning. I have a Thirty-One party this afternoon, I love helping people get some great Christmas gifts!

I hope everyone had a very blessed Thanksgiving! Now onto celebrating the birth of our King!

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Heather said...

Look at that little outfit on little man! so cute. And Addy, she has everyone wrapped around her little finger, does she not?

And the Scott shopping thing ... jealous. Mark has never, in 25 years, done the shopping thing. Oh how nice that would be. You have a keeper there.

Love to you my friend. Need a catch up soon. Been too long.