Saturday, August 24, 2013

Getting in the groove

Well we've had two and half weeks of school under our belts. Cooper has adjusted well to high school and seems to be enjoying it :) This is Jake's second year of Jr. High (6-8grade) so he's having no trouble with adjustment lol. He has started football practice and is working hard. I hope he has fun, he appears to be putting forth good effort, hope that continues :) Can't wait to see his first game! Addy is loving school (no shock there)! I am very pleased with how the year is going so far :) The communication has been fantastic and her para is a gem :) I was a little concerned because I know she has lost several skills over the summer but she seems to be picking things back up quickly. She loves reading and I'm happy that her sight words are still pretty strong. She is definitely worn out after school but in time she will get some stamina built back up. Our days are getting busier, that's for sure, but I know it's all good :)

Cooper participates in Youth Choir at church on Wednesday nights and Youth Group on Sunday nights. He takes piano on Monday nights.

Jake has football practice everyday after school and in a couple of weeks will be having games on Tuesday nights. He is also doing Youth Choir and Youth group.

Addy has feeding therapy every other Tuesday (I have to pick her up a little early from school) and then she has music therapy on Tuesday nights. She goes to church after school on Wednesdays for Kids Krossing and Children's Choir at church. Our pastor picks the kids up on the church bus and takes them over to the church. Addy loves that :) After Labor Day she is starting Hip Hop Dance in a town close by at 5:30 (right after church), she's going to be wiped out by Thursday! Busy nights! She didn't take dance the past year because the studio closed. I have heard great things about the place in Strafford where are going to start. I'm excited she gets this opportunity :) Girl may not be able to jump but she can "shake it" like no other!

Little Man started a new daycare at the beginning of August and it's going really well. He loves playing with so many babies! He is a busy little boy and keeps us hopping all of the time! He has therapy on Thursdays after school. He's receiving OT/PT every other week and ST once per month. For having DS I'm blown away about how on target he is :) He's starting to stand some independently. He crawls super fast so I'm sure he's just going to run! We did find out that he needs glasses so we are picking them up on Monday. He was NOT a fan of the trying on frames process at all. This should be an interesting adventure! Addy got two new pairs of Specs 4 Us, we love them and she is keeping them on REALLY well!

I have started my new job and I'm really liking it. I've only been to Mansfield, one of the districts I've been assigned to. Mansfield is where Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote her Little House books :) I have toured her house before, it was really a fun place.  I will start the other district this week. I'm hoping to work a bit more once my second district has my position worked out :) I have truly enjoyed having some extra time off but I'm not going to love the tiny paycheck at the end of September :) It's been a loooong time since I worked hourly! I'm sure I will LOVE the check at the end of October :) I am working 3 1/2 days per week right now. I may work more, just depends on my schedule :) Fortunately some of my work can be done from home :) I am not working on Fridays unless I absolutely have to. My kids have several half-days on Fridays and this way I be home with them :)

Here's to beginning our busy/crazy life that I wouldn't change for the world!

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Hope everyone's school year goes well.