Thursday, January 10, 2013


These past few days have been nothing less than a little stressful! Fortunately Scott and I are a fabulous team together and we plug right along :) Sunday I took Addy to Urgent Care because I thought she might have a bladder or yeast infection. We finally get a room and when he vitals are taken her O2 was 94. Not horrible, but she is to be admitted when it's 93 or lower. Mind you she has not coughed once. No wheezing, crackles etc. Nada. So the doc says that we need a chest x-ray, urinalysis and a neb treatment. Addy had to be catheterized twice! She was dehydrated due to her fever :( it was pitiful. Fortunately the UA didn't show any infection but the x-ray showed double pneumonia :( After a neb treatment her O2 level went up to 95 so we were sent packing. Addy was already on Augmentin for a sinus infection so the doctor added Zithromax to the mix.

Once we were home she vomited :( ugh right? So we get her all cleaned up, fed with an Elecare/Pedialyte mixture and she goes to bed

About 11:30pm Little Man was bawling, broke my heart! I picked him up for some love and snuggles and he was burning up! He was also wheezing and coughing a little. His temp was 101.2 :( He was on Amoxicillan for an ear infection so I figured it just wasn't strong enough to tackle any kind of respiratory infection. After a couple of hours he went back to sleep. I checked on Addy and she was cool and comfy in her bed.

When I got Addy up on Monday morning she seemed ok. Not fantastic but ok. I had a nurse scheduled for her care that day since she couldn't go to school due to the fever. (She had no business at school that day anyway lol). Well, since Little Man had a fever through the night he obviously couldn't go to daycare so Daddy stayed home to take care of him. When I got home the nurse joked that she had the much easier job that day, Addy was fine, tired but fine. She only voided once which was pretty concerning. She had some loose stool too :(  Little Man was a fuss pot lol.  Not fifteen minutes after the nurse left Addy puked all over the place :( she was pitiful.  I knew I had an appointment with her pediatrician Tuesday afternoon for a re-check from UC so I wasn't too concerned, I knew she was going to be seen.

Tuesday morning I needed to stay home so Scott could work.  Little Man was pretty wheezy (he had the same appt time as Addy) and I went into Addy's room to get her up and moving and her room was covered in you know what! It was awful, my poor girl was unresponsive and completely out of it :( I got her in the tub, her room cleaned and completely disinfected and she just layed on the couch :( I gave her 2 ounces of Pedialyte to try to stay on top of dehydration. Cooper had an appointment for asthma issues and I had just planned on taking the little with me but there was no way I wanted to risk taking Addy out and about. Fortunately our former nurse and friend, Kim, came to watch her for me! Thank goodness! We kept pushing fluids pedialyte mixed with formula every couple of hours. She never went to the bathroom all day :( Scott met me at Dr. Roe's office (the BEST pediatrician EVER! just sayin!). Addy wasn't good, I knew we were heading to the hospital. Little Man was given Zithromax and Pulmicort but otherwise seemed to be doing fine. Hadn't had a fever since Sunday so he was good to go. We all went to get Addy all settled at the hospital and Scott was staying the night with her. He's soooo good at spending the night, I not so much. I do it but I have such a hard time with no sleep, Scott just flies right through his day with no sleep! When Little Man and I left Addy had a numbing patch on her right arm for her IV.

Updates from Scott included three sticks for her IV in her LEFT arm, right arm didn't work :( IV with Rocephin, chest x-ray, stool sample, blood draw etc. About 3am the nurse came in and had to take blood again because at 7pm her glucose was 54. Not good. Fortunately at 3 it was within the normal range. They had an okay considering they were inpatient.

Yesterday I had to work for a couple of hours so Little Man headed to daycare and I went to work. I told the staff that Addy was in the hospital but still call me if he was having trouble breathing (he had been completely fine) Every door in his center had a note on it about an awful stomach bug that had hit the center. Fabulous.

I worked until 10 then headed to relieve Scott. At 11am I got a phone call, Little Man threw up. Nice. They said that it was okay that they knew I was with Addy but just wanted to let me know. Addy was doing pretty good with the exception of an extreme diaper blow out. All winter panel viruses had been negative and all cultures in her stool were negative. Fortunately no c-diff! Another call at 1pm, Little Man threw up again :(  Call at 2, you need to come pick him up, he threw up again and had two loose stools. Fabulous. So I get a hold of Scott to come back to relieve me so I could go and pick him up. I call Dr. Roe (have I mentioned I love her!?!?) she wanted to check him out, he had had no urine output all day! So I rush back to Marshfield, get Little Man and go get Jake from church (he was none too happy to have to leave, I'm sorry buddy!) and headed back to Springfield. He slept the whole way and didn't wake up when we stopped, which is unusual. We took him out of his carseat and low and behold a full, wet diaper! Yeah! She checked him all over and said to just take him home instead of admitting him too since he peed! Pedialyte for the night to try to keep hydrated and to follow up if anything changes. He was not having any of the Pedialyte, makes you realize how amazing g-tubes are! He really fought the bottle of Pedialyte so I gave in and mixed it with a couple of ounces of formula. That did the trick, he took it :)

Once we are all settled, Daddy calls and he has walking papers so they were coming home! So glad that they didn't keep Addy unnecessarily with all of the yuck in hospitals! She is very happy to be home and slept all night and did not wake up with a huge surprise today!

So today I am home with my little lovies. Addy is happily watching her Ipad and Little Man is in good spirits. He took a 6 ounce bottle of Pedialyte and formula mixture and ate about half a jar of bananas (BRAT diet). He usually eats much more but I'll take it. He's had two tiny wet diapers but at least he's going. He's been bathed and Addy's about to get her turn, she wanted to veg out a little bit and I'm letting her rest and recoup. She's asked three times to see Mrs. O (her kindergarten teacher) lol. I told her that hopefully she can go see her and her friends on Monday. She really misses them!

I hate having to miss work but what can you do huh? I love taking care of my kids, being a mom is the best, even when they are sickly!

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those poor sweet babies - and their very sorry!