Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I love surprises! LOTS of PIX!

Many of you most likely are my Facebook Friend and know the gist of this post :) Last week my mom offered me some of her frequent flyer miles so Addy and I could go to California to celebrate the amazing Zoey Grace's birthday! I wanted to surprise her mom, Heather, and it worked! I didn't tell anyone besides her daughters and husband that I was coming :) I didn't want anyone to spoil the surprise!

We arrived late on Friday night and came home late last night. I actually climbed into bed at 4 this morning! We had a 3 hour drive from the airport and I am beat! I went to work on two hours sleep and functioned extremely well! Now, not so much! Hoping I can make it through The Biggest Loser tonight before I hit the hay but that's doubtful! lol

I cannot express how much I enjoy hanging out with the Needham family. They are absolutely amazing. You know when you have a true friend, that you really connect with. Heather and I are like that, our girls are so similar :) they are extremely special little girls! Heather is phenomenol, she is constantly on the go and is an amazing mother. Her children are all rockstars in my opinion! Her older girls are so sweet and are fantastic with their little siblings! You can tell how much they all love each other :) I sat in LAX yesterday with tears streaming down my face because I didn't want to leave! Heather said she WILL come here! She better!! When she does, I expect as many of our Midwest friends to come and visit too, we'll have a blast!!!

The pictures are just a small recap of our whirlwind weekend, enjoy the amazing cuteness!
Charlie, Zoey and Addy playing with the Ipad :)
The girls had lots of hugs to give each other :)
Addy like Charlotte's Barbie guitar! How cute is that!
Addy loved Zoey's mirror so she could watch herself sing with Elmo's microphone!

Heather had errands to run on Saturday to prepare for the party but took time out to drive me down the coast so I could see the mountains and put my feet in the sand for a bit. I absolutely love the ocean!

How adorable is that Charlotte??? She played Ring Around the Rosie with Addy :) It cracks me up that Addy is five and Charlie is two and they are the same size!
How beautiful is Miss Zoey??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!

Carter kept asking if he could take Addy home :) He's super sweet!

Heather getting some Jax lovin! Addy calls him "Jacksey" :)

Extra Chromosomes only Please!

Addy and Taylor :)
Going in for a hug on Joe
Addy and Arina :) We called her the little Ukrainian tornado!!! That tiny little thing is a busy, busy girl!!! She tackled Addy three times! Full body slams, that girl is tough! Mine is quite the little weenie! lol

We also had the honor of meeting M.E. What an amazing young lady!


stephanie said...

Just beautiful!!!! ;)

Kristen's mom said...

Wow, I'm glad you had such a great time.

Rochelle said...

What a great surprise and a fun weekend!

Amy L said...

Oh, I loved seeing you all together! Addy sure looked pretty cute with that guitar!:)

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Words could never express how much it meant to us for you to come out for this whirl wind weekend. It was so special and the memories we made, even though the days were short, will last a lifetime.

Love you guys.

Heather said...

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Angel said...

These are the sweetest, most beautiful pics!!!